Our Story

Our Founder

Buxlow is a remarkable school set up by a truly remarkable woman, Mrs Probyn. A woman of vigour, talent and single-minded vision, she made sure that her pupils had a richness of experience they needed to thrive.


Buxlow’s history begins with Mrs Constance Probyn who was born and lived at Buxlow farm in Buckinghamshire. When Mrs Probyn and her husband moved into Number 5 Castleton Gardens in 1929, following 2 years of running a school elsewhere in Wembley, they decided to open their own school. They named their new school Buxlow after their country home they loved so much. Buxlow, initially was a boys’ school then it became a co-educational school where its founders strived to provide every child with a passion and love for learning.

Our History

The Early Years

Buxlow was initially held in the home of Mr and Mrs Probyn. Such was their dedication that the couple lived in two rooms and the rest of the rooms were engaged as schoolrooms. Mr Probyn taught the boys and Mrs Probyn, the girls. Soon after the popularity of the School it necessitated their moving into Number 6, leaving the whole of Number 5 as the School. After WW2 both 5 and 6 became the modern day school we know and love.

Buxlow Today

Since those early days Buxlow has continued to grow into the successful happy school it is today but our approach remains the same.