The Buxlow Curriculum

When you join Buxlow, you are joining not just an early childhood facility or a primary school but a way of life.  Buxlow is a family School where your child will be cared for, valued and educated to the very best of our ability.  Our goal is to inspire the Love of Learning in an environment where creativity, resilience, optimism, strength of character and well-being are nurtured.

Buxlow children benefit from gradual and integrated learning experiences which greatly assists them to achieve a smooth, seamless transition into and throughout the whole School.  Buxlow’s value laden environment enables children to feel confident, secure, resilient and optimistic and empowered to achieve their potential and prepare for a fulfilling life.

Our curriculum acknowledges the special character of Buxlow whilst reflecting the National Curriculum. To Inspire the Love of Learning we seek to:

  • provide a broad and balanced curriculum whilst focusing effectively on literacy, numeracy, articulacy and listening skills, skilful thinking and problem solving;
  • meet the needs of our children in a changing world by developing the key competencies of thinking (using language, symbols and texts), managing self, relating to others and participating and contributing meaningfully;
  • plan and teach in contexts that are challenging and meaningful to pupils, focusing effectively on literacy, numeracy, articulacy and listening skills, skilful thinking and problem solving;
  • foster independent, life-long learning, whilst allowing for pupils differing abilities and aspirations, providing all with the opportunity to achieve their personal best;
  • provide pupils with a wide range of learning opportunities in both academic and co-curricular areas of the School;
  • develop positive attitudes towards and values of personal excellence, inquiry, equity of opportunity, community service, ecological sustainability, integrity and respect; and
  • regularly review, evaluate and adapt our curriculum to ensure it continues to meet student needs and national requirements.

Special Needs Programmes

Our specific learning needs programmes provide supplementary learning support in Reading and Mathematics in particular to selected children who need assistance in addition to the planned differentiated programmes operating in each classroom. The main focus is to enable children to become more effective learners and, therefore to succeed academically. This is done by teaching children more efficient ways to learn using a ‘learning how to learn’ approach to assist the children. Such methods as learning styles, accelerated learning and memory techniques may be employed to encourage children to gain an understanding of how they learn.   As well, they are expected and encouraged to take responsibility for their own individual learning processes.

Whilst Buxlow is known as an academic school, we will be pleased to discuss your child’s needs with you. As with all prospective pupils, prior to offering any place at Buxlow, a short assessment will be required  in order for the School to fully understand a child’s particular needs and abilities.

Library and Computer suite

The Buxlow Library and computer suite is integral to the School’s educational programmes. We place great store in fostering independent lifelong reading and learning skills which will assist children at all levels to:

  1. love learning
  2. promote the appreciation and enjoyment of literature
  3. learn how to access information appropriately, safely and sensibly
  4. develop sound research skills in preparation for life beyond the School; and
  5. support learning throughout the School’s curriculum.