All Buxlow parents are members of our parents association by virtue of their status as School parents. All are welcome to stand for election to the Buxlow Friends Executive. The Friends meet once each month during the school year.

The Friends aim to foster good relations within the School family providing a good mixture of socialising and fund-raising for much needed funds for activities which the School may not be able to provide from  its budget.

If you would like to help please contact the School Office (020 8904 3615) who will have a member of the Parents Association Executive get in touch with you.

Buxlow has an excellent and constructive relationship with parents and the School maintains many open and varied channels of communication, and actively encourages parents to liaise closely with teaching staff and to play a part in the education of their children.

Parents wishing to speak with members of staff are encouraged to make an appointment via the School Office (020 8904 3615). When doing so parents are encouraged to let us know what they wish to discuss. In this way your Staff are able to be prepared and ready to assist wherever possible.