We take care of our school and other people

All children are encouraged to be responsible, from Reception through to the oldest children in Year 6.  As the children move up the school they take on bigger responsibilities.  We hope that by doing this the children will be more aware of their surroundings and other people and take greater care of both.

Class Captains

Each Class from Year 1, upwards has an elected Class Captain and Deputy-Captain each term. Children are voted for by the class in a closed vote with the help of the Class teacher. It is hoped that all children will have the opportunity of a position of responsibility as they move through the school.  The Class Captains are responsible for collecting and returning the register and representing their form on the School Council.


The House Captain and Deputy Captain are voted in at the beginning of each term at the first House Assembly of the term. Each Year 6 pupil wishing to be House Captain prepares a speech in order to drum up support.  House Captains assist the House Teacher in selecting entrants for house competitions and sometimes help with House Assemblies.  They are also responsible for collecting house points at the end of each week and reading the results out in assembly.

Head Girl and Boy

We choose a Head Girl and Head Boy and two deputy Heads each year to lead the School Council and to help with various aspects of school life such as thanking visiting speakers or reading prayers in assembly.  This is a great honour and the children chosen carry out the role with pride.


There are a variety of monitors working throughout the school. Each class has its own monitors for jobs in the classroom. In Year 6 children ‘apply’ to be monitors, for various responsibilities such as helping with the Infant classes at break or assisting with recycling, by writing a letter of application. The first set of monitors are in place from September until February half term. The second set apply for their positions before half term and are appointed until the end of the academic year. We ensure that all children who wish to be monitors have the opportunity to do so at some point during the year.

School Council

The School Council meets once every two weeks. Each class elects two representatives, one boy and one girl, who attend the meetings for that Term. The Council meets at lunchtime to discuss any issues raised by the children. Each class has their own suggestion box for pupils to use and the representatives bring these along to the meetings. School Council duties include:

  • Visiting classroom to speak with pupils about the school and what can be improved
  • Meeting with a teacher to discuss and sort out problems. These may include school uniforms, behaviour or ideas for fundraising events.
  • Being responsible for carrying out the ideas that have been agreed, such as planning discos, writing newspaper articles.
  • Acting as ambassadors for their school and try hard to be a good example in the classroom and playground