Beginning the Day in Great Form

Between 8.15 and 8.30 students are greeted on entry to School by a senior member of staff. They shake hands and learn to make eye contact and offer a firm, confident handshake when they say good morning.

Arriving at Class, Organised and Ready

Students make their way to their classroom with their class teachers at 8.30. Homework is handed in, homework diaries are checked and there is time to organise themselves for the day ahead.


Class registration is at 8.40 a.m. by which time all students are expected to be present in the classroom. The roll is called and all unexplained absences are entered. Parents and carers are asked to telephone the School Office if their child is to be absent and an absence note is required on return.


On Monday morning Lower School attend Assembly. Assembly for Upper School takes place on Thursday morning. On Friday afternoon a Celebration Assembly is held from 15.00. Student of the Week Certificates are presented as well as other school notices, and the much anticipated House Cup weekly totals are announced, organised by Year 6.

Lessons and Playtimes

Each class has a daily Critical Thinking lesson from 8.40 to 9.00. These are pitched at age appropriate level to promote academic resilience, problem solving and the ability to think ‘outside the box’. Through these sessions, the children also develop according to the principles of Growth Mindset, allowing themselves the opportunity to progress emotionally as well as academically. On alternate Wednesdays, House Meetings are held.

Morning lessons start at 9.00, continuing until the morning break at 10.30. Lessons resume at 11.00 until lunch at 12.30. Lunchtime lasts for one hour, and is a good time to talk over the events of the day and share conversation. Following lunch, students enjoy supervised play in the playground, with afternoon lessons recommencing at 13.30.

The End of the Day

Class finishes at 15.30. Students are dismissed from the front playground where they shake hands with their teacher and then are then passed over to the adult nominated to collect them.

After School Homework and Care Programme

Aftercare is available from 15.45, when children are handed over from class teachers to After Care staff, to 18.00. Aftercare staff provide a wholesome snack and a myriad of games and activities for younger children, while older children are able to finish their homework. If it is warm, children can play outside. Home time is strictly 18.00.

Clubs and Extension Studies

These activities take place from 15.45 to 16.45. Please see our Clubs page for further information.