Our Core Values

The character and ethos of Buxlow is shaped by core values which inform our traditions, culture and care.

These underpin the way in which we behave, individually and collectively, and serve as a lens through which decisions and actions are reviewed.

These values were chosen because it is our belief that they enable each member of our community to learn, thrive and to work together positively.

They support and inspire each of us to make a worthy contribution to the world of tomorrow.

Everything we do is based on these values:



Realisation of individual potential is possible for each of us through the pursuit of excellence.


Determination, purpose and perseverance are required to grow and develop our talents.


Privileges are balanced by responsibilities; these are two sides of the same coin.


Kindness is evident in deeds as well as words.


Trust is established through honesty, fairness and truth.


Appreciates and treats self, others, the environment and property with dignity.