Promoting life-long joy of learning


Woodland Trust Bronze Award

Vision:          To become the independent preparatory school of choice in North London for families who seek an engaging, coeducational, family-friendly learning environment that fully prepares pupils for life and their next stage of education.

Mission:     To  encourage, challenge and support every member of the school community to develop the pursuit of personal excellence, resilience, responsibility and empathy so as to be ready for the world of tomorrow.

The ethos of Buxlow is shaped by the same core values established by the school’s founder, Mrs Constance Probyn, in 1927.

These continue to inform our traditions, culture and care.

They underpin the way in which we behave, individually and collectively, and serve as a lens through which decisions and actions are reviewed.

  • Excellence
  • Determination
  • Responsibility
  • Kindness
  • Honesty
  • Respect


  • To create a community that is welcoming, happy, vibrant and focused.
  • To challenge, encourage and support each pupil to achieve and progress.
  • To cultivate well being, confidence, leadership and collaboration.
  • To spark curiosity, nurture critical thinking and develop active participation in learning.
  • To equip pupils with 21st Century skills for the world of tomorrow.
  • To support pupil transition beyond the gates of Buxlow.