At Buxlow Nursery, we provide a welcoming and nurturing environment for children aged 2-5 years.

Open 51 weeks a year, we are here to provide your young child with a nurturing and engaging learning environment, ensuring the very best of starts to their educational journey.

For children aged between 2 and 5, we follow a curriculum that not only covers all aspects of the Early Years Foundation Stage comprehensively, but also goes beyond it. At Buxlow Nursery, we ensure pupils are ready to embrace each and every opportunity that will come their way during future years at the school. Children learn through a combination of teacher-initiated and child-led activities and, of course, play!

Our stimulating and caring environment ensures children feel secure and valued. This exceptionally friendly and nurturing setting makes the transition from home to school as easy as possible. Our four most important points of focus in the nursery and pre-school years are socialisation, confidence, literacy and numeracy.

Our varied curriculum focuses on enjoying the wonderful world of stories, books and literature. There is also a huge range of other fun activities including music, LAMDA, and French.

The Curriculum

Children in Buxlow Nursery enjoy a wide range of learning opportunities. We cover the 7 EYFS Areas of Learning using a variety of different strategies ensuring that we are able to engage and support every child in their learning. Children likewise enjoy lessons delivered by subject specialists in French, Music, Drama and Sport, giving them wonderful learning opportunities to develop key skills in exciting elements of the curriculum. Children are also given access to materials building their understanding of coding, and the curriculum also incorporates elements of dance, yoga and STEM, delivering an innovative and engaging range of subjects for our pupils to access and enjoy.

Preparing for School

Our aim is the ensure that the transition from the Pre-School to Reception is as seamless as possible and, when it is time for them to move up to Reception, they will have the essential tools for a more formal education. The children are happy and confident to move up into the school, as they already very familiar with the environment and the teachers.

At age 2, in Toddlers, children will joining us for the first time so we aim to make the transition as smooth as possible. We help children gently adapt to new routines and help them build strong bonds with their Key Person and make new friends. Our pupils settle in quickly and soon come racing through the door each morning.

At age 3 they move up into the Pre-School group, where they will really start to develop their sense of self, becoming independent little people with opinions and questions that all help them to understand their place in the world and to absorb new skills and information like sponges! The play-based learning continues, adding in new experiences and layering over new opportunities to develop their language, to build relationships, to be imaginative and develop all the skills they need for the big step into Reception.

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We are very proud of our Nursery provision, and of each child starting their learning journey with us at Buxlow. Each day is wonderfully exciting, providing children with stories to rush to the gate at pick-up to share with the family. We would be delighted to share them with our prospective parents as well, and would warmly invite you to visit us to see things first hand.

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