Starting school at Buxlow Prep

When you join Buxlow, you are joining not just an early childhood facility or a primary school but a way of life.

Buxlow is a family School where your child will be cared for, valued and educated to the very best of our ability. Our goal is to inspire children in an environment where creativity, resilience, optimism, strength of character and well-being are nurtured. We celebrate our diverse surroundings in Wembley and encourage all pupils to have a wider-understanding and appreciation of different cultures.

At Buxlow School, we are committed to providing a positive and enriching start to your child's education journey. We welcome children into Reception, the first year of their primary education journey. Our Reception program is designed to provide a fun and stimulating learning environment, where children can develop a love of learning and build a strong foundation of skills. We follow the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) framework, which emphasizes learning through play, exploration, and creativity. Our experienced and dedicated team of teachers and support staff work closely with each child to ensure they receive individual attention and support to meet their unique needs.

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