Our approach to learning

Our curriculum and ethos recognises the changing skills that facilitate success in today’s society.

We aim to develop a constantly evolving, innovative curriculum, designed to truly prepare children for the modern world, giving them access to a broad range of content which operates across the traditional and rigid subject paradigms.

This style of learning focusses on moving away from pure knowledge retention which has limited value whilst living in the information age. We nurture children to develop skills as individuals beyond the classroom, helping them to be confident in public speaking, problem solving, independent learning and more.

By allowing children to learn in such an environment, we are able to challenge pupils to have high expectations for themselves by becoming resilient learners. Children develop the maturity to recognise the importance of failure, allowing them to be ambitious in their goals and confident in tackling new ideas.

We achieve these things thanks to the small classes and strong cohesion between all members of our school; pupils, families and staff. This helps us to support children to become caring, compassionate members of the local and global community, recognising the impact that they can have to the lives of others.

The Buxlow Core Values

These represent an important step in our efforts to offer the best environment for our pupils to develop and excel. We feel that the below attributes will give pupils a framework for our expectations, a reference point for their own development and a number of skills and attitudes which will help them to succeed in their future.