Our preparations for applications to secondary school begin as early as Reception, when children begin to tackle the Accelerated Buxlow Curriculum. 

Taking a long-term approach to setting high expectations mean that our children are never subjected to academic ‘hot-housing’, and instead benefit from an incremental approach, building skills and knowledge as they move towards grammar school and scholarship applications. Leavers' Destinations can be viewed using the button below. 

Leavers' Destinations

We’ve outlined the journey through the Accelerated Buxlow Curriculum below – this includes reference to academic content, additions to the timetable, but importantly, how we include parents in the process, ensuring that our close-knit, familiar community work together to deliver success for our pupils.

Reception and Year 1

Introduction to the Buxlow Accelerated Curriculum

Year 2

VR and NVR lessons are added to timetables

Year 3

11+ process begins inside and outside of the classroom

Year 6

The final push! Child specific preparation and support given

Year 5

Mock papers, development areas targeted and interview preparations

Year 4

Parent meetings and support given in deciding the best routes for pupils