Senior Results and Destination Schools

Year 6 Leavers' Destinations

We are incredibly proud of the achievements of our eldest pupils in their entrance examinations for senior schools. Buxlow children go on to some of the top Senior Schools in the country, and many are awarded scholarships, testament to the hard work they put in throughout their time with us, and the support of our community.

Where do the majority of pupils go onto?

The destinations of Year 6 leavers differ each year, and this is evident in the table provided below. The data showcases a diverse range of schools, including both independent and state and grammar schools, as well as co-educational and single-sex schools.

At Buxlow, we firmly believe in not restricting our pupils to a single path and instead encourage them to explore various options. We support parents every step of the way in finding the best school for their child.

How do we prepare pupils at Buxlow?

We avoid academic 'hot-housing' and instead focus on gradual skill and knowledge development as pupils progress towards senior school and scholarship applications.

You can read all about our 11+ Preparation here.

Recent Leavers' Destinations

Independent Schools:

  • Westminster School
  • Merchant Taylor’s School
  • Haberdashers’ Boys & Girls
  • John Lyon
  • Aldenham
  • North London Collegiate School
  • City of London Boys
  • Northwood College
  • St Augustine’s
  • Brondesbury College
  • Islamia School
  • North London Grammar School

State and Grammar Schools:

  • Queen Elizabeth Boys
  • Henrietta Barnet
  • Watford Grammar
  • Salvatorian College