Leading Wembley Prep School

At Buxlow, we are proud to provide a learning environment that delivers excellence alongside nurturing resilient and responsible individuals.

We believe this is a hugely exciting time for education – preparing children for a future of new challenges by developing skills and attitudes to be adaptable and successful. At Buxlow, we achieve this having developed an innovative curriculum, one which utilises modern teaching techniques, employs contemporary resources, and encourages children to explore and inquire rather than simply regurgitate and retain.

This approach to education allows us to provide our Buxlow Accelerated Curriculum – children achieve above expectations throughout the school, and we encourage an ambitious approach to achievement in academic, sport, music and the Arts, helping each child to exceed their potential.

All of this is tied together by a wonderfully strong and supportive community – our staff are excellent practitioners; our parents closely involved in our efforts, but most importantly, our children constantly demonstrate themselves to be considerate, emotionally-mature individuals who recognise the strength that comes from our close-knit, family focussed community.

Our Mission Statement

What makes Buxlow special?

An Innovative Curriculum

Our innovative curriculum focuses on broadening academic content, recognising that learning extends beyond traditional subject boundaries, incorporating Independent Learning and Engineering lessons into our timetables. We aim to develop education beyond pure fact retention, giving pupils choice in what and how they study, and extending their personal and academic development.

Small Class Sizes

With an average class size of 10, our staff are able to provide individualised input and support to our pupils, where each child receives focused time with staff to improve their understanding and extend their ability. This means that we can provide relevant, pupil-specific preparation for senior school applications, and ensure that every child makes fantastic progress.

Apple Certified Teachers

All our teachers are Apple Certified Teachers, and our curriculum incorporates a wide range of apps, utilising movie making, coding, musical composition amongst many others. Likewise, we are proud to be at the forefront of using Virtual Reality in the classroom, transporting children to new environments and inspiring new learning experiences.

Our Community

Our pupils are a huge part of what makes us special! The size of our School means that each child and each member of staff knows every member of our community. Pupils can be trusted to help each other, and our parent body is wonderfully supportive, creating an environment where children feel confident of tackling new challenges.

Breadth of Opportunities

We believe that success goes beyond simple academic achievement, and so ensure that pupils have a wide range of additional opportunities. We have a broad range of extra-curricular activities, plus chances for children to participate in music, art and drama performances and sporting fixtures, all of which increases confidence and enthusiasm beyond the classroom to support personal development.

Where next?